​Let your inner strengths guide you to a life of confidence, fulfilment and self-love.

Ever wish that you could trade your habit of playing small…


...for owning your space and intuitively knowing how to back yourself, FOR GOOD?


Imagine finally speaking up in your weekly leadership meeting…


… and getting the respect you deserve (Was that really me? Wow, that felt good!)


Instead, you keep wasting your precious energy...

  • Trying to fix your unfixable weaknesses everyone keeps reminding you of. And failing miserably.

  • Winging your life when you could own it!

  • Sitting on a job application telling yourself that you’re not cut out for the job. And missing out yet again.

  • Driving yourself into the ground trying to do ALL THE JOBS when you could focus on the tasks you rock. And smash them.

  • Feeling pulled into all directions trying to be everything to everyone. And drowning.


You’ve settled for a life in the slow lane.





What if I told you that there IS a logical - BETTER - way to take control of your life?


And best of all, the solution is already within you.

The solution can...

  • Land you a promotion that ‘current you’ would miss out on. Or not even dream of.

  • Make you an authority within your field. Because you back yourself.

  • Turn you into a true leader your team looks up to. And respects.

  • Revive your business by outsourcing and delegating. And reignite your passion.

  • Make you a better colleague/ boss/ partner/ parent/ child/*insert best fit*, because you’re at peace with yourself...and your strengths!


Start embracing the full potential that lies within you.

Let me introduce you to


AKA the most powerful way to paint a crystal clear picture

of who you were always meant to be.

Discover your inner self with coaching sessions that allow you to be yourself.

Explore what already lies within you with strategies that fit you like a glove.

Trust in me to uncover your inner genius and celebrate it with you.

"Anne has the unique ability to listen to who people authentically are, discover what they need, then support them to unleash their strengths so they can be powerful, bold and unstoppable in work and life. Her programs and coaching are practical, easily implemented and tailored to the needs of each person so they can lead like themselves and achieve their success."

Felicity Furey

Award-winning business leader, Engineer, Speaker

If you’ve ever wondered...

  • What TRULY being proud of who you are feels like
  • How you can make a difference in this world by leading with the REAL you
  • How you can be seen AND appreciated for what you bring to your team
  • What it takes to intuitively navigate this mystery called LIFE

...then strengths coaching is for you!

Strengths coaching introduces you to the incredible natural talents that are waiting to be unleashed so you can land your NEXT BIG THING.

Whatever shape or form that might take.

By the end of our time together you’ll be able to…

  • Live and breathe your very own CliftonStrengths Report with a clear picture of the natural talents that make you uniquely you
  • Feel less stressed because you’ve stopped doubting yourself
  • Confidently sell yourself because you know what you’re capable of
  • Call an end to patterns that were holding you back and watch those pennies drop
  • Wave imposter syndrome goodbye because you now operate within your zone of genius
  • Make decisions easily because you just know what’s best for you
  • Stand up for yourself because you’re worth it and land an overdue promotion, start that dream business, explore a career change or finally enjoy life like YOU

How life-changing is that?!

Take the first step towards your NEXT BIG THING today.

It all begins with weighing up which 1:1 strengths journey is right for you.

Do you want to cover all the basics or go deep?


The Strengths Sampler


Or give someone the gift of Strengths 


(Valid for 12 months from date of purchase)


The Strengths Deep Dive


Pay As You Go




Or give someone the gift of Strengths 


​(Valid for 12 months from date of purchase)

“The strengths coaching session I had with Anne was such an eye-opener for me. I was feeling a bit stuck, continually frustrated and unproductive and lacked any serious momentum. Anne really helped me understand why it’s so important that I use my core strengths as fuel to give me energy.


Through specific examples in my life, she helped me understand how my key strengths work together and how I can tap into these both personally and professionally to feel more engaged, energised and ultimately more focused and productive in everything that I do. I feel like I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of myself and how I work and even a better appreciation for the strengths of those around me."

Jennifer Shellard

Managing Director of South Hive

Here is what to expect in each pathway…


The Strengths Sampler

  • Pre-work: What is Strengths Development?

  • Session 1: Explore your Strengths

    Embrace your personal CliftonStrengths assessment that measures the 34 talent themes within each and every one of us and begin to celebrate the unique superpowers specific to you. Become familiar with your strengths, grasp how your strengths interact with each other within your daily life and develop the next steps that you can apply in your life from now on.


The Strengths Deep Dive

  • Pre-work: What is Strengths Development?

  • Session 1: Understand your Strengths

    Embrace your personal CliftonStrengths assessment that measures the 34 talent themes within each and every one of us and begin to celebrate the unique superpowers specific to you. Become familiar with the strengths terminology and grasp how your strengths interact with each other within your daily life.

  • Session 2: Own your Strengths

    Grow your self-awareness with intentional focus on each of your dominant strengths and create strategies to refine those natural talents so they can support you from now on. Use past wins to appreciate how your strengths already back you up and support you in your current situation.

    It’s time to start fine-tuning so you can tap into your full potential!

  • Session 3: Focus your Strengths on the Next Big Thing

    Walk away with a Personal Development Plan and Your Personal Strengths Roadmap to help you refine your strengths, identify blind spots and come up with your own strategies as your tailored pathway to success. This is where we supercharge your 5 dominant strengths with a tailored action plan and my exclusive formula for your own sustainable path to success. Together we’ll work on your Strengths Promise to consolidate where you started, how far you’ve come and where you see your personal journey take you with strengths by your side so you can reach your next BIG THING.

“I’m a huge fan of personality tests and investing in my development, so I was keen to learn more about the CliftonStrengths report. And it did not disappoint! The detail of the report was fantastic and as I read through it, I was blown away by how accurate it was.


Anne created a safe space to be vulnerable and talk about strengths and opportunities for development. She also provided really constructive ways to enhance my skills and build my level of influence at work.


The benefit of having a coach to work through it with me, meant I was really able to deep dive into my strengths and brainstorm ways to leverage them even more. Anne challenged me to think about situations where I’ve used my strengths and helped me understand why particular elements of my job didn’t bring me quite so much joy!


I’d highly recommend Anne to anyone who’s looking for a little boost to help them identify and make the most of their unique strengths.”


Employee Communications Advisor

Finding you all the way at the bottom of the page tells me that you’re either REALLY interested or you’ve got a few unanswered questions.

Let’s cover all those for you right now!


Is strengths coaching right for me?

How does strengths coaching differ from other coaching offers?

How much time will I need to invest in each 1:1 pathway?

In both programs, you’ll have to complete your CliftonStrengths assessment and the pre-work challenges before we kick off. The assessment will take approx. 60-min to complete. If you opt for Explore your Strengths, then all it takes is our 60-min Zoom session together to set you with the important next steps. If you choose to dig deeper with my Lead with Strengths program then we’ll guide your personal growth via 3 50-min weekly Zoom sessions. As part of your weekly journey you are highly encouraged to complete strength challenges so you can experience your takeaways from each session first hand in real-life settings. The workload can fit around a busy life and is tailored to see takeaways from your daily experiences as you go along.

I prefer to learn in a group setting. Do you have a program that allows me to explore with others?

Which 1:1 program is right for me?

That depends on how much guidance you seek for your personal strengths journey. If you’re unsure, simply send me your thoughts via email to mail@annekoopmann.com and I’ll try to steer you in the right direction.

“I did a Gallup Strengths Assessment with Anne, and realized that I was not as aware of my strengths as I thought I was. It was an eye-opener. Anne helped point out my strengths and visualize the reason behind certain actions of mine, while giving me a direction to make things better. She also helped me understand why I was reacting in a certain way.


I can now appreciate that it is important to identify and refine our strengths if we are to fulfil our true potential. The knowledge of our strengths is empowering as it makes us confident in our own abilities and about the person that we are.


I would have never known all this if it weren't for Anne. I believe everyone should do the assessment.”

Marie Nadal Sharma

Digital Marketing Agency, Them You & Me

Do you want to start living within your zone of genius?

Are you ready to discover (and love) what makes you uniquely you?

What’s holding you back?


All that stands between you and SELF-AWARE you is a conscious choice to discover what’s waiting to be unleashed.


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