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You’d become an authentic, vulnerable and confident leader who inspires not only yourself but also those around you.

It starts with a moment.

A defining moment in time where…


You’ve finally got the recognition you deserve, but feel doubt creeping in.

You desperately want to be respected as a leader, but don’t have a clear vision.

You need to tackle a tricky situations head-on, but are too scared you’ll rock the boat.


In that moment something shifts within you.

You feel an urge.

An urge to leave your comfort zone.

An urge to challenge the status-quo.

An urge to be appreciated for who you really are.


You’re ready to become that leader who inspires others and leaves a mark.


That takes courage.

It’s your time to be courageous.

Lead Like YOU! is the 12-week coaching programme for leaders who want to stand for more

More authenticity.

More vulnerability.

More confidence.


This coaching programme will take you on an in-depth journey of self-discovery that gives you permission to be unapologetically you and take on THE NEXT BIG THING.


At work.

At home.

Among your friends.

Within society.

It teaches you to…


Nurture the leader within yourself so you can inspire others and make an impact.

Embrace yourself so you learn to love your perfect imperfections.

Become the courageous leader you aspire to be.


It gives you the courage to tackle life’s difficult moments so you can...


Set long overdue professional boundaries and stop being everything to everyone

Have a tricky conversation with a colleague and don’t lose sleep over it

Gain the respect of your peers because you navigate life with integrity

Own your mistakes and learn from them


Lead Like YOU! sets you up with the expertise, guidance and confidence to step up in all facets of life.


Because that’s what makes a true leader.

Before I get into the finer details, let me spell a few things out:

Lead Like YOU! sets you up for success in your corporate AND personal life.

It teaches you to take control of your emotions and strengths so you can effortlessly navigate life in general. It teaches you the foundations of self-leadership so you can successfully inspire others. Whether that’s in your personal life, your own business, stepping up into the leadership team or aspiring to take on that first leadership role. Living within your zone of genius goes so much deeper than one aspect of your life.


The Lead Like YOU! framework relies on key ingredients that I custom-fit to you.

This programme is intended to give you life-changing outcomes. That’s why our 12 weeks together will be as unique as the circumstances that got you here in the first place. No two pathways will ever be the same!


Lead Like YOU! takes courage.

As we go along, you’ll experience moments that make you uncomfortable. They’ll likely be confronting and eye-opening. Personal growth rarely happens within your comfort zone. If you’re prepared to put in the emotional work within a safe environment, then this programme is for you.

Here’s how we’ll step out of your comfort zone together:

Pay up Front





Pay As You Go




To ensure that this is the right program for you, we will start with a free introduction call.

This is our chance to learn more about each other and you can ask me any questions.

Click the button below to book a time.

“I started self-doubting my abilities at a crisis point in my career when I was given negative feedback by my Manager at a performance review (which I was not expecting). This impacted my work and personal relationships.


Anne showed me how to hone into my strengths and to maximise my potential impact in problem-solving and leadership strategies. The end result was a leadership brand unique to me and a marked improvement in my leadership capabilities. 

What surprised me the most was how Anne was able to draw out my personal values, strengths and EQ competencies – most of which I knew I had but was not maximising them to my advantage. 


This will help me be a better person at home and at work by supporting my colleagues, my family, my community and more importantly myself. It will help me systematically tackle any roadblocks and issues that I may come across. 

The thing that stood out to me was Anne’s ability to bring out “aha’’ moments in me as it was not only a coaching experience but also therapeutic for the mind. Anne always made me feel at ease, was very easy to open up to and the experience was very personalised to me.”

Lead Like YOU! Coaching Client

The Lead Like YOU! Framework

In six targeted modules I’ll guide you through all the significant milestones and aha moments on your leadership journey so you walk away with clear wins every two weeks. The first penny will drop after our first session together. Pretty cool, right?


We’ll explore each module in a 90-min Zoom coaching session and support the takeaways with specific templates, worksheets and resources.

  • Module 1: Set the Foundations

    This is where your journey starts. We’ll explore any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We’ll identify challenges that you need to overcome along the way. And we’ll set realistic goals that you’d like to achieve in our time together.

  • Module 3: Unlock your Full Potential

    Learn to manage your blind spots and maintain your emotional energy, so you invite a more centred YOU. Together we will unlock the strategies that will support you to lead with authenticity, emotional intelligence, stronger relationships and more resilience.


  • Module 5: Shape your Unique Leadership Identity

    Let’s dive into your personality and gain clarity. What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What is your purpose? Learn to appreciate who you are and discover the foundations of self-leadership so you not only inspire yourself, but also those around you.


  • Module 2: Fall in Love with your Inner Strengths

    This is where we get to the bottom of your natural strengths that are waiting to be unlocked. We’ll analyze your CliftonStrengths Assessment so we can craft a strategy that will help you intuitively lead with strengths by your side.


  • Module 4: Lead with your Strengths

    Together we will define your unique leadership strategies to lead with confidence and overcome your personal leadership challenges. You will learn how to communicate more effectively, inspire others, create accountability, lead through change and create impact.

  • Module 6: Your Action Plan and Leadership Promise

    You’ve made it! This module gives us a chance to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you have made changes in your life.

    We’ll set you up with a tailored action plan to help you continue your journey as a courageous leader and stay focused. 

    And to finalise your Lead Like YOU! journey, you will create your unique Leadership Promise – a promise to yourself and the people you will lead.

Hi, I'm Anne

Young and eager to succeed, I’ve always been surrounded by peers who were more than happy to share their take on what ‘Great Leadership’ looks like.


For years I modelled my leadership style on what I believed would gain me the respect of my team and suited the wider company goals. I saw my young age, deep-rooted empathy and genuine fascination with people as a weakness. I treated those characteristics as obstacles I had to overcome when I should have celebrated them as natural strengths that made me a valuable and courageous leader.


Through my own experiences and mistakes, I learned to harness my strengths and turn them into my biggest advocates.


Today I know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. What people trust and respect is authenticity. It’s not just what you know, but who you are that makes you an inspiring leader. One that people look up to.


After 10+ years of living, learning and training in the world of business, academia and STEM, I have finally found my passion. As a certified CliftonStrengths and Emotional intelligence Coach I give you the tools you need to step up to the plate as your most complete and confident self. And lead in a way only you can.


Lead Like You is my flagship Courageous Leadership Program that helps new and emerging leaders lead from the inside out with confidence, authenticity and impact.


I believe that what makes you unique, makes you powerful.


Are you ready to Lead Like YOU?

To become the leader you’ve always aspired to be?

To live within your zone of genius?

To inspire yourself and those around you?

To be unapologetically you?


Then now is your time.


Let's start by getting to know each other.


The fact that you’re all the way down here can only mean one of two things. You’re either REALLY interested or you’re looking for reasons to stay within that comfort zone of yours.


Let me tell you that BIG things rarely happen within your comfort zone.


Now let me give you those answers that might just get you to venture into the great unknown.


Shall we?

Am I a good fit?

How does this programme differ from other programmes?

$3000 is a fair chunk of money. Is Lead Like YOU! worth it?

What happens after I click the magical button?

I’ve completed my CliftonStrengths assessment previously. Can Lead Like YOU! still help me?

How much time will I need to invest?

What’s included?

I’m still undecided and need some more reassurance. Can I somehow get in touch with you so you can help me make up my mind either way?

What’s standing between you and the authentic leader within you?

One button and your decision to choose courage over comfort.


It’s time to be courageous.

Stay connected

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